Letter, may not be able to send letters during winter, Richard Scoble

Written by Richard Scoble during emigration to United States of America, addressed to his mother Mary Ann Scoble from Muldoon, Idaho.


Muldoon 19 1882

My Dear Mother

I recive your letter daited Sept 19. Which I was proud to see it left you well as it leave me at Present all so proud you got the money all Right. Now dear mother when you go to a duckter[doctor] to have the tumus[tumours] cut out go to the Best in london Dear Mother as to the regards to the well it haven been nuthing But an Bill of Expence the rail road is cuming in and it ant worth aney thing now But if I could get water it would Be a good thing But I have give it up for gon[e] I am out 27 hundred dollars that is £540 Pounds now if I had that I could go home and see you But never mine I am goin to be a good boy from now on I am studey[steady] as an Oak. Dear Mother I got your letter to night and the stage is goin out in the morning so I thought I would send this off Wright a way I Know you will be glad to get this aney time, Now dear mother I am down at muldoon stor[e] goin to order up things to morrow for the mine goin to run all winter now mother dont be out of [he]art if I cant send aney mail [torn] winter for I cant tell Prep[?]as[perhaps?] we may be able to send out mail up till Christmess if I Possible[possibly?] Can I will But it all depends on the wether we will be all Right up at the mine But Will be bad cuming to town in fack[fact] we would have to cum on snow shues and it is 12 miles But it ant nuthing when the weather Will Permit. Praps we may Be able to cum out But we wont cum out in less it is all Right But from christmess in till the last of april we wont be able to git out a toll but never Mind I am goin up and make sum money this winter and if things go all Right I will have Sum money in the Spring. I shall go home as soon as I can the Old Man Mr Burges Wants for me to go home in the Spring and Marrey Juliet & Bring her out and then he Will go to new yort[York] and stop thear if I do that We will be able to go down to get[her? Torn] But I would rather wait in till fall and then stop all winter as if I wear to go in the spring I woulden have more than 6 weeks to go and cum nor thear about I would like to have a little will[while] home aney how. But time will tell rember me to Grace and family anie and hir husband harrit and her husband. Dear Mother I am the Onley single Plum[Plurn?] you have now Dear Mother I am a man I am larger than Joe was, and am as studey as an old man Dear Mother I am will[well] be loved with the megority[majority] of Peple for my studeness[steadiness] for this c[o]untrey licker[liquor] is an curs[e] to all Mus[most?] every one 18 man out of twenty ar moror[more or] less drunkards; the cumpanys wives came out hear 3 of them they ar laides[ladies] they told Mr Burges that they wear suprise to find a man in this c[o]untry that never tuck licker they think I am a Perl They said I do look much better for it They said that I was the finest looking man that they have seen in the c[o]untry they do think I am a remarkable good Mother self Pra[i]se ant no rekundacin[recommendation] But I am telling you the Plain truth so you can see I am taking car[e] of Myself if I don't send aney money Mr Burges will I must conculed as my Paper is full I will Write a gain be for I go out so no more at Present from your aff Son R J Scoble'

Letter, may not be able to send letters during winter, Richard Scoble
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Date19 Oct 1882
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North America
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