Current projects

Welcome to online volunteering! Click on a project box below to open the tasks and see further instructions.

Remember to register or login before selecting a task. Please also use the logout button when you have finished a session, as this helps us monitor how much our volunteer portal is being used.

To help with checking online projects, each task needs completing by more than one volunteer to identify any strange spellings or gaps. Look at the task counters to see how many attempts have been made on each task. When we have enough accurate entries, a task will be taken off the project page and uploaded to our online catalogue.

Top Tips:

  • Open up the guidelines and instructions in a new window before starting a task.
  • If it’s a complicated transcription prepare it offline first, then copy and paste it into the description box.
  • Remember, the system will log out if it is inactive for a long time.
  • Try and give yourself enough time to complete and submit a task in one session, data entry can take longer than expected.

Happy archiving and good luck!