AD833-110 (1, 3)

Scan of an old letter about migration

Richard Scoble sent over fifty letters from Nevada and Idaho to his mother in Devoran between 1874 and 1885. In them, Richard drew comparisons between America and Cornwall, discussing the differences in religion, lifestyles and more. Richard never returned to Cornwall, but often appears to be homesick and nostalgic. In this extract from one of his final surviving letters, he writes: “I think about home I do begin at Truro station then run at Carnon Downs… I can fancy myself now coming home from Carnon mine…& then goin in & kiss little Tiney [their pet dog] & then having a wash then mother say Here Dickey is a rice pudding for your supper…Oh how I do think about you mother…” Sadly his mother died shortly after the letter was written. (AD833/110)

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