Scan of handwritten inventory.

It can be hard to learn about the lives of ordinary people in Tudor times as typically they leave fewer records. However, Kresen Kernow is home to over 700 wills from the Tudor period which give an insight into individual lives. This will and inventory (list of possessions) for Alice Jenne of Kilkhampton, includes ‘a ringe of silver’, as well as her bedding, brass pans, a spinning wheel and musket. (AP/J/7)

Y hyll bos kales dyski a vewnansow tus kemmyn yn osow Tudor drefen i dhe asa yn tipek kovadhow moy skant. Byttegyns, Kresen Kernow yw tre dhe voy es 700 kemynskrif a’n oos Tudor, neb a re golok a vewnansow unnik. Gorrys war an kemynskrif ha menegva (rol a gerthow) ma rag Alys Jenne a Gylgh, yw ‘bysow a arghans’ keffrys ha’y lienyow gweli, padellow brest, ros nedha ha musket. (AP/J/7)

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