Scan of handwritten inventory.

Other families in Cornwall remained Catholic, such as the Arundells of Lanherne, whose huge family archive is at Kresen Kernow. At one point they were the wealthiest family in Cornwall, which can be seen through the 1564 list of possessions of Dame Elizabeth Arundell. They include land, a gold and ruby ring, silver spoons, books, pewter basins, fine clothing, fabrics and cushions, at least thirteen ‘feather beds’ and ‘One table picture of King Henry the Seventh’. The family eventually lost most of their lands and money. (AR/21/16)

Teyluyow erel a besyas y’ga Hatholigieth, kepar ha’n teylu Arundell a Nans Lannhernow, aga hovskifva hujes yn Kresen Kernow. Neb prys i o an teylu moyha kevothek yn Kernow, an pyth a yll bos gwelys dre rol a 1584 a gerthow Dama Elizabeth Arundell. Y’ga mysk yma tir, bysow a owr ha rudhem, loyow a arghans, lyvrow, basonys a blommsten, dillas fin, gwiasow ha pluvogow, dhe’n lyha tredhek ‘gweli pluven’ hag ‘unn lymnans moos a Vyghtern Henri Seytek’. Wortiwedh y kellis an teylu brassa rann a’ga thir ha mona. (AR/21/16)

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