BL-9-9 (6)

Photograph of large handwritten document.

We knew that Cornish people owned plantations and enslaved people in the Caribbean. Perhaps the best known of these is Rose Price, latterly of Trengwainton, who owned the well-known Worthy Park estate in Jamaica. He brought enslaved people back to Penzance as his servants, dressed in full livery. (BL/9/9)

Y hwodhyen ni Kernowyon dhe perghenna korslannow ha tus gethheys y’n Karib. Martesen an re ma moyha aswonys a’n re ma yw Rose Price, a Drengwenton a-wosa, neb a berghenna an stat yn Jameka aswonys yn ta ‘Worthy Park’. Y tros ev tus gethheys dhe Bennsans avel y servysi, gwiskys yn unform leun. (BL/9/9)

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