Scan of Emigration Society leaflet

Shortly after the colony of South Australia was founded there was a huge demand for labour. The numbers and livelihoods of Aboriginal Australians were almost totally destroyed by early settlers in these ‘new’ lands. By 1865 nearly half of all migrants in South Australia were Cornish. Later gold rushes led miners further across the country. Cornish workers had a big impact not only on Australia’s mining industry but also on the culture we associate with the country today. Today, there are still strong ties between Cornwall and Australia, and it is estimated that 10% of people in South Australia have Cornish ancestry. There were many plans and ideas for the settlement of Australia. This one, from the South Australian…Emigration Society, tried to use migration to improve the dire situation in Cornwall. The flyer suggests a plan to “remove eligible industrious persons from an overburdened population to a colony of lovely scenery, of genial climate, of productive soil; where labour will meet with its due reward”. (CL/14/14)

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