Scan of handwritten document showing names, prices.

We discovered one document that really shocked us. This matter-of-fact inventory of possessions made in 1651 by George Walrond for his wife Frances Coryton details the enslaved Black people that he owned on his family’s Barbados estate and includes their names and how much they were worth in sugar. The document had been so discreetly catalogued that we didn’t realise its significance before. A full transcript is available. (CY/6810)

Y tiskudhsyn ni unn skriven a ros euth dhyn yn hwir. Y vanyl an rol dhiflows ma a gerthow gwrys yn 1851 gans George Walrond rag y wreg Frances Coryton an dus Dhu kethhes a’n jevo ev war stat Barbados y deylu hag a syns ynni aga henwyn ha’ga thalvosogeth yn sugra. Re bia an skriven ma gorrys y’n menegva yn maner mar dhoth ma nag aswonyn ni hy bri kyns. Kevadow yw treusskrif leun. (CY/6810)

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