EN-2626 06 Jan 1851b

Photograph of a page from a diary.

It is easier to find examples of white racism in the archives, than authentic Black histories. Henry Rogers describes witnessing a blackface minstrel performance at Clowance house in Cornwall in 1851. Described as “enormously popular” in the Victorian age, Rogers’ account of the show fits with others described in David Olusoga’s ‘Black and British’. Please note, the full extract contains very offensive language: “after dinner the celebrated Ethiopian serenaders commenced according to the programm… The singers, who are men from the neighbourhood, with their faces and hands blackened…did their part very well”. (EN/2626)

Keffrys y teskrif Henry Rogers fatel welas performyans menstrel fas du yn Chi Klowans yn Kernow yn 1851. Deskrifys avel “meurgerys” y’n oos Viktoria, y kesfurv derivas an performans Rogers gans re erel deskrifys yn ‘Bretennek ha Du’ gans David Olusoga. Merkyewgh, mar pleg, an devyn leun dhe yssynsi termys divlas: “wosa kinnyow y tallethas an genysi a vri Ethiopek herwydh an dowlen… Y hwrug an ganoryon, yw tus a’n gentreveth, gans aga fasow ha’ga diwleuv duheys… aga rann marthys da”. (EN/2626)

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