EN-2626 29 Nov 1849a

Photograph of handwritten extract from a diary.

Archives are full of documents that aren’t fully described or catalogued and Kresen Kernow is no exception. One of our team recently realised the diary of Henry Rogers contains an account of his life onboard slave trade suppression ships off West Africa: “At 6am our daily task commenced, the first operation was to get the slaves on deck, wash them and make them clap their hands and sing a monotonous air, the origin of which I cannot vouch for, to warm themselves. At 7 we gave the slaves their water and swept the slave deck, cleaning it where necessary…” (EN/2626)

Yma kovskrifennow leun a skrivennow nag yw deskrifys na worrys y’n menegva yn tien ha nyns yw Kresen Kernow namm. Yth aswonnas onan a’gan bagas a-gynsow dydhlyver Henry Rogers dhe yssynsi derivas a’y vewnans a-bervedh lestri lettya kenwerth kethyon ryb Afrika West: “Dhe 6kh y talletha oberen agan dydh, an kynsa oberyans o dhe dhri an gethyon dhe’n flour, aga golghi ha gul i dhe dackya aga diwleuv ha kana kan undon nag allav avochya hy dalleth derowel, rag aga tommhe. Dhe 7 y ren ni dhe’n gethyon aga dowr ha skuba flour an gethyon, y lanhe pan vo res…” (EN/2626)

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