Scan of extract from Tudor document showing illuminated letter with picture of Queen Mary and her husband.

The Tudor documents in our collections are some of our most beautiful and feature detailed illustrations, such as this one featuring Queen Mary I and her husband, Philip of Spain. Even though she was Queen, it is Philip’s name that comes first in this document, which gave rights to the borough of Launceston in 1557. (BLAUS/646)

An skrivennow Tudor y’gan kuntellow yw nebes a’n moyha teg usi dhyn ha warnedha yma delinyansow manylys, kepar ha hemma a’n Vyghternes Maria I ha’y gour Felyp a Spayn. Kynth o hi an Vyghternes, yma hanow Felyp kynsa y’n skrifen ma, neb a ros gwiryow dhe vurjestra Lannstevan yn 1557. (BLAUS/646)