Scan of colourful Tudor handwritten document including decorated border and picture of Queen Elizabeth I.

One of the treasures of our collections is this beautiful manuscript, which outlines how Queen Elizabeth I confiscated lands from Francis Tregian who was suspected of harbouring Catholic priest Cuthbert Mayne at a time when Catholicism was illegal. Tregian was arrested and spent the next 28 years in various dungeons before fleeing to continental Europe. The document details how his lands were given to George Carey, the grandson of Mary Boleyn (Elizabeth’s aunt). (BU/864)

Onan a’n tresorys a’gan kuntellow yw an skriven deg ma, hag a dheskrif fatel sesyas an Vyghternes Elizabeth I tiryow a Francis Tregian neb a veu gogrysys a woskeusi pronter Katholik Cuthbert Mayne orth prys pan o Katholigieth anlaghel. Tregian a veu sesys ha spena an nessa 28 vledhen yn dorvaghow divers kyns fia dhe Europa brastiryel. Deskrifys yw y’n skriven ma fatel veu res y diryow dhe Jori Carey, mab wynn Maria Boleyn (modrep Elizabeth). (BU/864)