Photograph of a war memorial

After the war ended, memorials sprung up in towns and villages across Cornwall, commemorating the huge loss of life in the conflict. The photo, taken in the 1920s, shows Launceston’s new war memorial. Our archives contain lots of records related to war memorials and rolls of honour. (AD1878/1)

Wosa an vresel dhe worfenna, meyn kov a spryngyas yn trevow ha gwigow a-dreus Kernow, ow kovhe an koll bras a vewnans y’n gas. An skeusen, gwrys y’n bledhynnyow 1920, a dhiskwedh men kov nowydh Lannstevan. Yma synsys y’gan kovskrifvaow meur a govadhow ow tochya meyn kov an vresel ha rolyow enora. (AD1878/1)