Page from a photograph album.

Many women worked as nurses during the conflict, and several large houses were temporarily converted to hospitals. L. Opie, a nurse at Scorrier House, kept a delightful autograph and photo album featuring her colleagues and the soldiers they cared for. You can view the whole album by searching our catalogues for AD2300/1.

Yth oberi lies benyn avel klavjioresow dres an gas, ha treylys veu nebes plassow dhe glavjiow rag tro. Y lenwi L. Opie, klavjiores yn Chi Scorya, lyver kuntel hag omsinans hweg-oll a dhiskwedh hy howethysi ha’n soudoryon may hwithens. Y hyllir gweles an albom leun dre hwilas y’gan menegvaow rag AD2300/1.