Image from an instruction manual.

The awful injuries and casualties of the First World War led to advances in medical treatment and care. This 1918 “Manual of Injuries and Diseases of War” explained that the Army Medical Service has “had the experience of nearly three more years of War.” It contains instructions on everything from head injuries to amputations. (AD233/26/1)

An goliow ha goliesigow euthek a Gynsa Bresel an Norvys a ledyas dhe avonsyans yn dyghtyans ha gwith. An 1918 “Kowethlyver a Woliow ha Diseys a’n Vresel” ma a styryas bos gans Gonis Medhegel an Lu “prevyans a ogas ha teyr vledhen moy a Vresel.” Yma synsys ynno danvonadow rag puptra dhiworth goliow penn dhe droghow dhe-ves. (AD233/26/1)