Image of an autograph book with signitures.

The experiences of Cornish men and women in the First World War were not uniform, and our archives demonstrate this. Richard Dale of St Ives was the master of the SS Trefusis when it was sunk by U-boat 65 off Sardinia in 1917. He kept this delightful autograph book while a prisoner of war at Wahmbeck in Germany. Its 80 pages are signed by his fellow prisoners who have recorded where they were captured, and include members of the Imperial Japanese Navy. (AD2394/7)

Nyns o prevyansow gwer ha benenes Kernow yn Kynsa Bresel an Norvys a unn eghen, hag y tiskwedh agan kovskrifvaow hemma. Richard Dale a Borthia o mester a’n SS Trefusis pan veu hi sedhys gans lester-U 65 ryb Sardini yn 1917. Ev a lenwis an lyver omsinans hweg-oll ma hag ev prisner bresel orth Wahmbeck yn Almayn. Omsinys yw y 80 folen gans y gesprisnoryon re govadhas le aga sesyans, y’ga mysk eseli Lu Lestri Emperourethek Nihon. (AD2394/7)