Image of a photograph album page.

One development of the conflict was the Royal Air Force, which evolved from the Royal Flying Corps. Our collections include two wonderful photograph albums belonging to Reginald Bernard Ivey of Penzance who served in both forces. As well as aerial views and photos of planes, the albums seem to contain a lot of images of plane crashes, showing how dangerous early flight was. You can view the albums online, just search our catalogues for AD2564.

Unn displegyans a’n gas o an Lu Ayr Riel, neb a esplegyas a’n Kof Neyja Riel. Agan kuntellow a syns dew lyver skeusennow marthys perghennys gans Reginald Bernard Ivey a Bennsans neb a servyas y’n dhew lu. Keffrys ha gwelyow ayrek ha skeusennow a jynnow ebron, yma dell hevel lies imach o dhroglammow jynn ebron, may tiskwedh peryl a neyj a-varr. Y hyllir gweles an albomow warlinen, na wrewgh marnas hwilas y’gan menegvaow rag AD2564.