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When war broke out, existing soldiers were sent straight to the Front where possible. Richard Charles Graves Sawle from Penrice was a Lieutenant in the Coldstream Guards. He kept a diary and sent letters home to his family from France. His diary gives a vivid impression of life in the early stages of the war. He was sadly killed shortly after writing this final entry on November 2 1914. (CF/2/673 extract)

Pan dhallathas an vresel, soudoryon a’n termyn a veu danvenys distowgh dhe’n Voward may fe possybyl. Richard Charles Graves Sawle a Bennrys o Leftenant y’n Gwythysi ‘Coldstream’. Y skrifa ev dydhlyver ha danvon lytherow dh’y deylu a-dhiworth Frynk. Y kevir yn y dhydhlyver golok lew a vewnans yn spysyow a-varr an vresel. Y’n gwettha prys ledhys veu ev pols wosa skrifa y geryow diwettha dhe 2a mis Du 1914 (CF/2/673 devyn)