DCCRK-26b-61 (15)

Photograph of women moving barrels.

To address the labour shortages caused by conscription, the government produced publications such as ‘Women’s War Work’ (1916) to show the wide range of work women were capable of and to ensure more men were released to join the armed forces. Always patronising in tone, these female brewery workers are described as “remarkably capable and energetic”. (DCCRK/26b/61)

Rag dyghtya fowtow lavur kawsys gans omrolyans konstrinus, an governans a wrug dyllansow kepar ha ‘Gonis Bresel Benenes’ (1916) rag diskwedhes an aray efan a wonis mayth ylli benynes y wul ha surhe bos moy a wer livrys dhe omjunya gans an luyow ervys. Pub prys tasegus y don, deskrifys yw an oberoresow ma avel “marthys galosek ha nerthek.” (DCCRK/26b/61)