PC-FOR-3-25 Potato leaflet

Printed poster asking for potatoes.

Life at home changed significantly and many of the features of the Home Front that we connect to World War II (e.g. rationing, blackout, women’s land army) were initiated in the First World War. People in Cornwall might have fared better in terms of food shortages with more land and livestock available. (PCFOR/3/25)

Bewnans tre a janjyas yn feur ha lies a’n tremynnow a’n Voward Tre a gevrennyn gans 2a Bresel an Norvys (r.e. ewnranna, difyk golow, tirlu an benenes) a veu dallethys yn Kynsa Bresel an Norvys. Possybyl yw tus yn Kernow dhe farya gwell ow tochya fowt a voos, gans moy tir ha bestes kevadow. (PCFOR/3/25)