ST-370 (2)

Handwritten letter.

Later in the war, the authorities were less tolerant of conscientious objectors and their activities. John was made to work on a farm in Wales and, when the tribunal thought, “you are no longer performing work on a farm to their satisfaction” his military service exemption was lifted and he was informed, in this 1918 letter, that he would be “called up for service forthwith.” (ST/370)

Prys diwettha y’n vresel, ny wodheveli an awtoritys kemmys a naghoryon geskiansek ha’ga gwriansow. Herdhys veu John dhe oberi orth bargen tir yn Kembra ha, pan erviras an barr “nag os ta namoy ow kul ober orth bargen tir dh’agan satysfians” removys veu y gummyas dhe woheles gonis breselek, ha kedhlys veu ev, y’n lyther a 1918 ma, ev dhe vos “gelwys rag gonis a-dhesempis.” (ST/370)