ST-376 (1)

Printed papers including a photograph

In 1916, conscription was introduced, meaning most men had to join the armed forces. Some people, such as John Sturge Stephens from Falmouth, objected for ethical reasons. He is recorded as Cornwall’s “first” conscientious objector. A Quaker, he joined a relief expedition to France instead, providing medical and surgical support in field hospitals as well as relief for civilians in devastated villages. (ST/376)

Y feu dallethys yn 1916 omrolyans konstrinus, ha res o brassa rann an gwer omjunya gans an luyow ervys. Y nagha nebes tus, kepar ha John Sturge Stephens a Aberfala, rag achesonys ethegel. Kovadhys yw ev avel nagher keskiansek “kynsa” Kernow. Krener, ev a omjunyas tro dhifresyans dhe Frynk yn y le, ow rendra skoodhyans medhegel ha leuvvedhegel yn klavjiow gwel, keffrys ha difresyans rag an poblek yn trevow diswrys. (ST/376)