Black and white photograph showing group of seated Black soldiers clapping.

We are committed to interrogating our collections further to discover stories that have been hidden and forgotten, and new voices which can be revealed. Discovering wider and more diverse stories from Cornwall in the past helps us to further understand Cornwall today. Depicted here Black American soldiers (in segregated seating) gather to watch famous African American boxer, Joe Louis, at Bodmin Barracks in 1944. (E8680)

Yth on ni omres dhe hwithra agan kuntellow pella dhe dhiskudha hwedhlow re beu kudhys hag ankevys, ha levow nowydh a allo bos diskudhys. Y hwra diskudha hwedhlow ledanna ha moy divers a Gernow tremenys agan gweres dhe gonvedhes Kernow hedhyw gwell. Diskwedhys omma y kuntel soudoryon Amerikanek Du (yn esedhans diberthys) dhe vires orth boksuser Amerikanek Afrikan a vri Joe Louis, yn Souderji Bosvena yn 1944. (E8680)