Parish register

Colour photograph of historic parish register

Kresen Kernow is home to thousands of parish registers, covering all 257 Cornish parishes as well as Methodist and other registers for other churches. Some of them even date back to the 1500s. In them, you can find out when your ancestor was baptised, married or buried – although it helps if you know where they lived. Before civil registration (birth, marriage, death certificates) was introduced in 1837, parish registers were often the only place family history information was recorded.

Kresen Kernow yw tre dhe vilyow a govskrifennow pluw, ow komprehendya oll an 257 a bluwow Kernow, keffrys ha kovskrifennow Methodek hag a eglosyow erel. Nebes anedha a dhedh war-dhelergh dhe’n 1500ow hogen. Hwi a yll diskudha ynna dydhyas may feu besydhys, demedhys po ynkleudhys agas hendas – kyn fo heweres mar kodhowgh ple trigens. Kyns bos kowlwrys yn 1837 kovsrifans civil (testskrifow genesigeth, demedhyans, mernans), kovskrifennow pluw o yn fenowgh an le unnik may feu rekordys kedhlow istori teylu.