Gaol register

Colour photograph of inside pages of a gaol register.

So much more… Kresen Kernow looks after more than 1.5 million records, which means there are lots of opportunities to find information about your Cornish ancestors, their lives and work. Other useful records include the gaol registers, if they were badly behaved, or the merchant shipping registers if they spent their lives at sea. For help getting started, or to carry out more in-depth research, please don’t hesitate to contact us. Good luck on your family history journey!

Kemmys moy…
Kresen Kernow a with moy ages 1.5 milvil a govadhow, ha rakhenna yma lies chons a gavos kedhlow a-dro dh’agas hendasow gernewek, aga bewnans hag ober.
Kovadhow dhe les erel a gomprehend kovadhow an prisonyow, mars o drog aga fara, po kovadhow an gorholyon kenwerth mar spensens aga bewnans war an mor. Rag kavos gweres y’n dalleth, po dhe wul hwithrans downna, na hockyewgh agan kestava mar pleg.
Chons da war agas viaj istori teylu!