Scan of printed census entry form with handwritten entries.

The census is a brilliant source and can tell you your ancestor’s job, place of birth, who they lived with and more. Taken every 10 years from 1841, you can access the records up to 1911 through ‘Find My Past’ via Cornwall Libraries. Image courtesy of The National Archives.

Fenten splann yw an niveryans hag a yll derivas dhywgh soodh agas hendas, tyller y enesigeth, gans piw y triga ev ha moy. Gwrys pub 10 bledhen a-dhia 1841, hwi a yll hedhes an kovadhow bys yn 1911 der agan ragbren ‘Kavos Ow Istori’ yn Kresen Kernow po dre Wonis Lyverva Kernow. Imaj dre gortesi an Kovskrifennow Kenedhlek.