Colour photograph of a pile of handwritten wills.

Wills can reveal fascinating information about family relationships and your ancestor’s possessions. Kresen Kernow looks after more than 65 000 wills dating from 1600-1857, and register copies of wills up to 1941. Wills can be complex and hard to locate, so please contact us if you’re looking for one.

Kemynskrifow a yll diskwedhes kedhlow dynyansek a-dro dhe geskowethyansow teylu ha perghenogethow agas hendas. Kresen Kernow a with moy ages 65,000 a gemynskrifow a dhedh dhyworth 1600-1857, ha dasskrifow kovskrifen a gemynskrifow bys yn 1941. Kemynskrifow a yll bos kompleth ha kales dh’aga havos, ytho kestevewgh ni mar pleg mars esowgh ow hwilas onan.