Register of Electors

Colour photograph of book spines on a shelf.

Registers of Electors can help you track down where your ancestors lived in twentieth century Cornwall, but they do only record people who were registered to vote. We have complete coverage from 1922-1992 but it is patchier before and after those dates. Contact us if you’re interested in these records.

Kovskrifennow a Etholysi a yll agas gweres dhe helerghi an le may triga agas hendasow yn Kernow a’n ugensves kansvledhen, mes ny rekordyons marnas tus a veu kovskrifys dhe ragleva. Ni a’gan beus kovadhow kowal dhyworth 1922-1992 mes le olldalghus yns kyns ha wosa an dedhyasow na. Kestevewgh ni mara’gas deur a’n kovadhow ma.