Personal papers

Colour photo montage of a range of different manuscripts including handwritten documents and a photograph.

At Kresen Kernow we look after personal papers for many families, which include photos, postcards, diaries, love letters, drawings and much more. If you’re lucky we might have some for your family too. You can search our catalogues by name using the large search bar on our website. If you have family papers you’d like us to look after, then please contact us.

Yn Kresen Kernow ni a with paperyow personek a-barth lies teylu, a gomprehend skeusennow, kartennow post, dedhlyvrow, lytherow kerensa, delinyansow ha lies moy. Mars owgh hwi feusik y hyllir bos genen martesen nebes a’gas teylu ynwedh.
Hwi a yll hwilas y’gan menegvaow herwydh hanow, ow tevnydhya an barr-hwilas bras y’gan gwiasva.
Mar mynnowgh ni dhe witha paperyow teylu eus dhywgh, kestevewgh ni mar pleg.