Poor law papers

Colour photograph of a montage of documents including handwritten, printed and a photo.

Your ancestor might crop up in the Poor Law records. These include documents such as apprenticeship indentures, bastardy bonds and even minute books, where Poor Law Guardians recorded their decisions about aid given to people. They can be rich in detail if your ancestor qualified for Poor Relief, or had to enter the workhouse. Contact us if you’re interested in finding out more.

Omdhiskwedhes a wra agas hendas martesen yn kovadhow Lagha an Voghosogyon.
I a gomprehend skrifennow kepar ha kevambosow kynserneth, gorambosow bastard ha lyvrow kovnotennow hogen, le may rekordya Gwythysi Lagha an Voghosogyon aga erviransow a-dro dhe’n gweres res dhe dus.
I a yll bos leun a vanylyon mars o gwiw agas hendas rag Difres an Voghosogyon, po mars esa edhom dhodho a vos y’n oberji.
Kestevewgh ni mara’gas deur a dhiskudha moy.