EN/1898 f2

Photograph of pages of handwritten play script

This play script is one of the earliest mummers’ plays in Britain. Mummers’ plays were performed by troops of amateur male actors, in this case, cordwainers (shoemakers). This script names five actors which helps us date it to the Truro area in about 1780-90. (EN/1898 f2)

An gwariskrif ma yw onan a’n a-varra gwariow mymyoryon yn Breten. Gwariow mymyoryon a veu performys gans bagasow a warioryon worow bodhek, y’n kas ma, eskisysi. An skrif ma a henow pymp gwarier a’gan gweres orth y dhedhya dhe ranndir Truru yn a-dro dhe 1780-90. (EN/1898 f2)