Photograph of handwritten page of travel diary.

This writer recorded in 1795 that the new theatre in Truro ‘is the only assembly room… that is also made use off as a play house’. Strict licensing acts and government censorship made it very difficult to run theatres. A respectable assembly room (home to balls and galas) was set up to disguise the illegal theatre inside. (AD43/1)

An skrifer ma a rekordyas yn 1795 bos an wariva nowydh yn Truru ‘an guntellva unnik…yw devnydhys ynwedh avel gwariva’. Pur gales o dyghtya gwarivaow drefen gweythresow tynn kumyasow ha sensorieth wovernansel. Kuntellva vas (tre dhe wariow dons ha golyow) a veu fondys rag tollwiska an wariva anlaghel a-ji dhedhi. (AD43/1)