B4 – Caledonian Mercury – Saturday 01 November 1777

Scan of newspaper article with epitaph to Samuel Foote.

The end of Samuel Foote’s life saw much tragedy and drama, including leg amputation, bitter feuds and a trial for the sexual assault of his coachman. Samuel Foote’s final curtain call took place in 1777. As this newspaper epitaph shows, he had made many enemies. (Caledonian Mercury, 1777)

Yth esa meur a drajedi ha drama orth penn bewnans Samuel Foote, ow synsi ynno trogh dhe-ves a’y arr, kasow hwerow ha trial rag omsettyans reydhel erbynn y gochwas. Diwettha galow-kroglen Samuel Foote a hwarva yn 1777. Dell dhiskwa an skrif-ankow paper nowodhow ma, re wrussa ev lies eskar. (Caledonian Mercury, 1777)