C5 – HFC_B_5_OpeningNight_15thNov

Scan of invitation to Hall For Cornwall opening night

The exhibition also celebrates the Hall For Cornwall, which opened in 1997 and hosted over 3500 events in its 20 year history. It is currently being transformed into a new and improved theatre for Cornwall, due to open in 2021. (HFC/B/5)

An diskwedhyans a solempen ynwedh an Hel rag Kernow, a ygoras yn 1997 ha re ostyas moy ages 3500 a hwarvosow yn hy istori a ugens bledhen. A-lemmyn yma hi ow pos treusfurvys yn gwariva nowydh ha gwellhes rag Kernow, owth ygeri, dell yw towlys, y’n 2021. (HFC/B/5)