Photograph of map of Redruth covered in colours and numbers.

District Valuation maps, dating from around 1910, can also be useful for property history. You can find the whole of Redruth’s by searching DV/5 in our catalogue and choosing to only see items with images. (DV/5/123/3)

Mappow Talvosegyans Ranndiryel, gans dedhyasow dhyworth a-dro dhe 1910, a yll bos ‘vas ynwedh rag istori kerth. Ty a yll kavos mappow TR (Talvosegyans Ranndiryel) Resrudh dre hwilas “DV/5” y’gan menegva ha dewis dhe weles an taklennow gans imajys heb ken. (DV/5/123/3)