Marvellous Manorial Documents

This online exhibition marks the centenary of the Law of Property Act and the launch of the Cornwall element of the manorial documents register. The exhibition provides a small insight into the project and features just a few of the many magnificent manorial documents held at Kresen Kernow, demonstrating the depth of information that they can hold.

In 1922, the Law of Property Act ended the last meaningful function of manorial courts through the abolition of ‘copyhold’. However, since proof of title to former copyhold land was contained within manorial court rolls and books, it is essential for these records to be protected and preserved. Subsequent amendments to the act in 1924 placed manorial documents under the care of the Master of the Rolls, who issued the first Manorial Documents Rules in 1926 and ordered a register to be kept recording the individual nature and location of the documents concerned. The Manorial Documents Project funded by the National Archives has created an updated online version of the register.

To find out more about the Cornwall project, visit our manorial documents page: Manorial documents – Kresen Kernow .

You can explore the documents by clicking on the images below.