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Ariel photograph of Perran Round

The plays were likely performed in outdoor circular ‘playing places’ or plen-an-gwaris, with the audience in the middle. This is supported by the stage diagrams in the texts, as well as historic accounts. It is thought there might have been 30 or more of these playing places in Cornwall but today only two survive intact: Perran Round (pictured), and St Just plen-an-gwari.

Dell hevel, performys vedha an gwariow yn-mes yn plenys an gwari (po ‘playing places’) kylghek, a’s teves an woslowysi y’ga kres. Hemm yw skodhys gans an golinyansow gwariva y’n tekstow, keffrys ha derivasow istorek. Y krysir bos martesen 30 plen an gwari po moy yn Kernow, mes hedhyw nyns eus marnas dew blen an gwari dien gesys – Plen an Gwari Lannberan ha Plen an Gwari Lannust.