Scan of handwritten letter.

Did you know our hard rock mining archives are Designated as internationally important? These include the archive of around a thousand letters sent from industrial revolution pioneers, Matthew Boulton and James Watt, to their agent in Chacewater in the late 1700s. Spoiler alert: they didn’t like Trevithick much! Transcripts of the letters can be read by searching our catalogue (collection AD1583).

A wodhyewgh bos agan kovskrifvaow balweyth men kales Klassys avel a vri yn keswlasek? An re ma a gomprehend an kuntel a a-dro dhe vil lyther danvenys dhyworth ragresoryon a’n domhwelans diwysyansel, Matthew Bouton ha James Watt, dh’aga maynor yn Dowr an Chas y’n 1700ow diwedhes. Gwarnyans a dhiskudhans: ny garens Trevithick yn feur! Y hyllir redya treusskrifow a’n lytherow dre hwilas y’gan menegva (kuntel AD1583).