Scan of page from a small scrapbook showing black and white photo and ink sketch and signature.

L Opie’s lovely little autograph book gives a very personal insight into the First World War. While working as a nurse at Scorrier House, Opie captured photos, sketches and memories of many of her patients. Many of our collections link to important national events and figures (AD2300).

Lyver leuvnosow byghan ha teg L Opie a re golok pur bersonek orth Kynsa Bresel an Norvys. Ha hi owth oberi avel klavjiores yn Chi Skorya, Opie a guntella skeusennow, delinyansow ha kovyow a lies a’y godhevysi. Lies a’gan kuntellow a geskelm dhe hwarvosow ha persons genedhlek posek (AD2300).