Black and white photograph of small boy holding gas mask wearing tin helmet.

A Fleet Street-trained photographer, George Ellis came to Cornwall at the outbreak of World War II. He photographed life in Cornwall (particularly in the east) for around 40 years and his collection of over 100 000 glass negatives provides an invaluable record of mid 20th century life in Cornwall. You can explore some of these, and other photos, by going to Browse Images (Ellis collection).

Skeusenner trenyes yn Fleet Street, George Ellis, a dheuth dhe Gernow orth tardh Nessa Bresel an Norvys. Ev a skeusennas an bewnans yn Kernow (yn arbennek y’n Est) dres a-dro dhe 40 bledhen ha’y guntel a voy ages 100 000 a negedhennow a weder a brov kovadh anhepkorradow a’n bewnans yn Kernow yn kres an 20ves kansvledhen. Y hyllir hwithra nebes an re ma, ha’gan kuntellow imajys erel, dre vos dhe Beuri Imajys (kuntel Ellis).