Scan of watercolour picture showing landscape.

Garden designer Humphry Repton used his ‘red books’ (named for the colour of their covers) to suggest improvements to estates and gardens. He went to Trewarthenick, near Tregony, in the 1790s to redesign the Gregor family home. His book contains watercolour illustrations of the property as it existed, and he used painted paper flaps to show suggested improvements (G/1957).

Desiner a lowarthow Humphry Repton a dhevnydhyas y ‘lyvrow rudh’ (henwys war-lergh liw aga hudhlennow) rag profya gwellheansow dhe berghenogethow ha lowarthow. Ev eth dhe Drewedhenek, ogas dhe Drerigoni, yn 1790ow a-varr rag dastesinya chi teylu Gregor. Y lyver a gomprehend delinyansow dowrlinyek a’n berghenogeth dell o, hag ev a dhevnydhya lappys liwys a baper dhe dhiskwedhes gwellheansow profys (G/1957).