Learning outside the classroom

Kresen Kernow welcomes visits from community youth groups, for example Cubs and Brownies. A typical visit can last up to two hours and include a tour of our secure strongrooms, home to 14 miles of shelving and 850 years of Cornwall’s history. Groups will also be able to see a range of documents related to a topic of their choosing (where relevant items are available) and may also take part in a creative activity, such as quill pen writing.

These group visits can take place in morning, afternoon or evening slots at pre-arranged times. We usually ask for several months’ notice to ensure we can accommodate your wishes. Please note that we adhere to Ofsted and Department of Education recommended adult:children ratios for visits of young people.

Enquire about booking a workshop or visit here

For more information, please read A teacher’s guide to visiting Kresen Kernow (2021).

The Kresen Kernow team are also always open to discussing opportunities for joint projects and partnerships and in the past have worked with a wide range of local organisations. Please contact our Learning Lead, or email them at kresenkernow@cornwall.gov.uk, if you have any ideas or suggestions.

For general information on visiting us, please see our Visit pages and access information.