What is history?

Key information: free, loans box, on-site visit

As home to over 1.5 million documents covering 850 years of Cornwall’s history, Kresen Kernow is a great place to begin to understand the building blocks of history: archive sources.

Loans box

Designed for students beginning Key Stage 3 History, this loans box contains high quality copies of original documents held in our archives. By asking students to look at a range of documents and put them in chronological order, it’s an informative and enjoyable introduction to using real primary sources, as well as giving students an insight into the wide range of sources used by historians that may be held at a local archive. The loans pack is free to borrow, but needs to be collected from and returned to Kresen Kernow. If you’re interested in borrowing the pack, or have any questions, please contact our Learning Lead or email them at kresenkernow@cornwall.gov.uk.

Visits to Kresen Kernow

Free facilitated visits to Kresen Kernow are available. We can accommodate one class at a time and visits usually last up to 2 hours. A group visit will typically entail a tour of the building, including our secure strongrooms, home to 14 miles of shelving and 850 years of history, and a research activity using original Cornish documents held in the archives on a theme related to your area of study (subject to availability). Classes will have dedicated use of our learning room.

Please note: we adhere to Ofsted and Department for Education guidelines for staff-pupil ratios. For more information, please read A teacher’s guide to visiting Kresen Kernow (2021).

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