Photograph of a large handwritten document with two red wax seals at the bottom.

However, our collections also reveal other families’ connections to Caribbean sugar plantations and enslavement, including the Molesworths, Kendalls, Lemons, Gregors and Longs. We recommend searching University College London’s Legacies of British Slave-ownership online database for more details. (MA/B/46/33)

Byttegyns, keffrys y tiskudh agan kuntellow kevrennow a deyluyow erel dhe gorslannow sugra Karib ha kethheans, y’ga mysk an teyluyow Molesworth, Kendall, Lemon, Gregor ha Long. Y komendyn may hwitthrer sel vanylyon warlinen Kollji Pennskol Loundres Kemynnow a Berghenogeth Bretennek a Gethyon rag moy a vanylyon. (MA/B/46/33)

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