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Kresen Kernow is home to over a million documents, books, maps and photographs related to Cornwall. We look after the world’s biggest collection of archives and books on Cornish themes, going back over 850 years. Explore further using the options below.

We recognise that our catalogue contains some terms which are offensive, and some whose meaning has changed over time.  Such terms exist within some original records and have been retained to inform users of the nature and content of the sources concerned.  They do not reflect the views of the Archives and Cornish Studies Service.  We apologise for any offence that our inclusion of these words may cause.

Takedown Statement

We make every effort to ensure we have the appropriate rights to display and sell copies of documents and photographs on our website. However, we recognise that sometimes there may be exceptions. If you believe you are the copyright owner of any of the material on our website, or if you object to its publication online, please don’t hesitate to contact us.