Adding to our collections

The Archives and Cornish Studies Service collects and preserves records and publications about Cornwall, and about people from or connected to Cornwall. We are keen to hear from anyone who has material to add to our collections. At present we are not actively seeking new items – unless they are at immediate risk. We hope to resume collecting items later in the year. If you know of any records at risk then please contact us.

We collect and look after archives and publications for:

  • organisations
  • businesses
  • industries
  • estates
  • clubs and societies
  • churches and religious groups
  • public and private institutions
  • families and
  • individuals

Items can be donated as a gift (where ownership is transferred to Cornwall Council – our preferred option) or on long term loan.

We collect:

  • hand and type-written manuscripts
  • computer generated records
  • printed records
  • maps, charts and plans
  • drawings
  • photographs
  • electronic / digital records
  • audio-visual records
  • books
  • pamphlets
  • journals
  • newsletters
  • newspapers and
  • annual reports etc.

Records can be published or unpublished.

We can sometimes make copies of documents and archive the digital copies. We can also provide help and guidance for owners who are unsure what to do or who wish to look after items themselves.

If you are interested in adding these to our collections in the future, please contact us. You may be interested in doing so if you:

  • hold records
  • have responsibility for the records of an organisation, or
  • have recently produced a publication

We are always keen to hear from potential depositors and we would like to learn more about any items we can expect to receive so that we can discuss how and when items can be donated.