Business records

As well as the industries typically associated with Cornwall, such as farming, fishing and mining, Kresen Kernow also looks after records for a wide range of businesses, small, medium and large.  These include breweries, a tannery, fish merchants, jewellers, grocers, clock makers, undertakers and more.

Business archives may include minutes, accounts books and ledgers, receipts, photos, correspondence, catalogues and brochures. For example, the archive of Redruth Brewery contains records of the hundreds of pubs and hotels it owned, as well as the brewery itself (where Kresen Kernow now stands), including brewing journals, plans, advertising material and much more.

As well as individual business archives, which have been given to Kresen Kernow for safekeeping, references to local businesses can be found in trade directories, magazines and newspaper adverts.  Wills and inventories can also be a useful source of information about historic trades and the equipment associated with them.

Key search terms: business names (e.g. Redruth Brewery) or types (grocer, ironmonger, pub, hotel, factory, shop)

Key collections: AD1705 (Mallett’s), RB (Redruth Brewery), X1301 (Croggon’s Tannery), AD1775 (Tyacke’s of Camborne), X1206 (B Ridge), AD2041 (Trewin, jeweller), AD2441/1 (James, cycle agent); trade directories, including many published by Kelly & Co., 1783 to 1939.