Extract from William Scawen’s manuscript `Antiquities Cornubrittanic’, 1688 (F/2/39)

Extract from William Scawen's manuscript `Antiquities Cornubrittanic', 1688 showing passages in Cornish

Kresen Kernow is home to some incredible Cornish language (Kernewek) manuscripts, such as William Scawen’s 1688 ‘Antiquities Cornubritannic’, which features Cornish translations as well as a comprehensive list of reasons for the decline of the language at that time (F/2/39).

Kresen Kernow yw tre dhe nebes mammskrifow marthys an tavas Kernewek, kepar hag ‘Antiquities Cornubritannic’ William Scawen a 1688, a’n jeves treylyansow yn Kernewek keffrys ha rol dhien a achesonyow rag difyk an yeth y’n dydhyow na (F/2/39).