Photograph of the opening of Cornwall Record Office in 1964 (CC/CRO/10/12/5)

A black and white and colour photograph showing the opening of the Cornwall Record Office in 1964.

For more than fifty years Cornwall Council’s archives were held at Cornwall Record Office in Truro, which opened in 1964. Kresen Kernow became their new home in 2019 (CC/CRO/10/12/5).

Dres moy ages hanterkans bledhen kovskrifvaow Konsel Kernow a vedha gwithys yn Sodhva Kovskrifow Kernow yn Truru, a ygoras yn 1964. Kresen Kernow a dheuth ha bos aga thre nowydh yn 2019 (CC/CRO/10/12/5).