Photograph of a painting of inventor Henry Trengrouse (AD1451/4)

Photograph of a painting of Henry Trengrouse. The inscription notes Trengrouse's invention of the 'rocket apparatus' for saving lives at sea.

Helston-born Henry Trengrouse invented a rocket apparatus to save people from shipwrecks. He wasn’t recognised for his achievement during his lifetime, but his invention went on to save thousands of lives (AD1451/4).

Henry Trengrouse, genys yn Hellys, a dhismygis daffar fusen rag sawya tus dhyworth gwreckys. Ny veu ev aswonys a-barth y wrians marthys dres y vewnans, mes wos’tiwedh y dhismygyans a sawyas milyow a vewnansow (AD1451/4).